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Learn the most popular and useful guitar techniques for recording and live performance.

Music Theory

Learn how music works
Understand why certain notes work with others. No More Mystery !


Play off the cuff with no fears
Take you playing to new heights with improvisation.

Guitar Scales

Learn ALL the standard scales
Master the modes to expand your playing skills.

Chord work

Learn guitar chords from basic to advanced
Master the Barre chords, then onto Jazz inversions & voicing's


Master the rhythm guitar styles
Learn & create your own rhythms & styles with ease.

Tuition ?

Learning regular with a guitar tutor will accelerate your learning speed.
Playing guitar is easier than you think! Whether you’re learning the chords to your first song or developing your skills as a songwriter or performer. Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration to spur you onto the next level.
I’ll help you take your guitar playing in new directions and reach your musical goals in a fun, relaxed way. I teach at your own speed and create bespoke lessons to benefit your style & level.
I am able to teach you from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in the Rock School & Trinity Guitar Grade Books, available for purchase online, these are great ways to develop your playing and give you an excellent structure to your learning.

Key Points

Modern Tuition Techniques

Leaning the guitar requires patience as the techniques required take a certain amount of time to master, also muscle memory develops over time and makes for smoother delivery of fretwork. Roger Betts a local well known guitarist once said that "anyone can learn to play guitar" and I believe this to be true also. Everyone learns at different speeds hence the need for structured bespoke lesson to each individual pupil.

Positive Reinforcement

I support my pupils fully throughout their lessons with myself, providing positive encouragement from the outset. I aim to support your learning and will work with you to structure your practicing in the most effective way, ensuring that you stay motivated by regularly reaching your goals and progressing as a guitar player.

Accelerated Learning

A structured practice regimen/routine is the fastest and most efficient way to learn guitar. Learning guitar works best within a structure. Just like lifting weights, training for a sporting event or earning a degree in physics, getting good at and developing a skill-set on the guitar happens best under a certain structure;


Live performance is at the heart of music and is encouraged from the start, as is performing with other musicians as this aids musical development and should not be overlooked. Whether you're performing at open-mic/jam nights or karaoke bars, playing large gigs, preparing for national auditions, just starting a band, or have never even performed at all, everything you need to know is covered in my lessons.

Tone, smoothness, speed & accuracy

Technique ia all about practice. practice. practice! Practice makes perfect isn't just some old wives' tale. When practicing, strive for quality; if you practice sloppily you'll be making bad habits possibly permanent. A much better explanation is "Practice makes permanent." as muscle memory develops over time, and that is when you have gained 'technique'.

Learning never exhausts the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci

Learn More About Guitar

  • Chord Choices

    Learn how to play chords all over the fretbopard to develop your playing style.

  • Dynamics

    Learn when & how to use dynamics in your guitar playing, 'loud','soft','fast' & 'slow'.

  • Rhythms

    Learn popular rhythms to expand your musical possibilities.

  • Speed

    Learn how to improve your fretting and picking speed with proven rock, blues, & shred patterns & practice routines.

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